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If you purchase Warranty on my new Lap Top in Best Buy and whe you do purchase they tell you:

"if anything goes wrong we get you New One NO QUESTION ASKED!!! WEll that's not true it's BS!!!!Do NOT believe it!!!!

Sales people have no clue what they saying/selling or they just MISS LEAD YOU in order for you to purchase Warranty!!! It's pure profit for them and it's pretty expensive. What they do,send Lap top for Repair for 2 weeks.If this happen 3 times same problem then they give you store Credit!!! It has to break 3x before replacement,but of course they do not tell you that!!!!

BEAWEAR,Warranty it's NOT what they tell you!!! It's almost as a SCAM!!!

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #796653

I only made out some of you said.... Plus your title says "Restaurant" when this is related to a technology item.

Plus don't even get a warranty at Best Buy or use so called "GeekSquad." What they call a warranty is nothing, they take your computer, pretend to do something in the back and come back and say you need a new one, even if it's a simple fix. All they'll do is refurbish the computer and resale it.

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